PLEASE READ the following information CAREFULLY to determine when you can qualify to take the Off-Site Test!


Full Teen Program (30/08)--- This is what is known as the complete course:  30-Hours of Classroom (includes the State-Mandated 8-Hour Safe Driving Practices Course (aka: Drug & Alcohol) and the Parent/Student class), in addition to 8-Hours of Behind-the-Wheel training.  Upon the successful completion of the Full-Teen Program (or any program giving you more than this), you can test for your License beginning on Day121 (you MUST hold your Learner's Permit for a full 120-Days).


Any Program offering LESS than the Full-Teen Program (30-Hours of Classroom instruction and 8-Hours of Behind-the-Wheel training) will require you to hold your Learner's Permit for a full 180-Days, therefore being able to test on Day 181.


Off-Site Test --- The DMV administers the Behind-the-Wheel test at our school's location


Students will take the test using our car and on the local roads in the immediate vicinity of the School's location.


They are to report to our Off-Site Test location with their Learner's Permit by 7:50 AM on the morning of the Test.


Upon the successful-completion of the Test, the student must wait two business days after taking the Off-Site Test before going to the DMV to pick-up their license.  The DMV to which the student must go will depend upon at which location they successfully-passed their Off-Site Test:


Bridgeport DMV --- Huntington off-Site Test

Danbury DMV --- Newtown, New Milford, and Danbury Off-Site Tests.



Off-Site Test Dates:


Huntington-----December 20th

Newtown--------December 20th


To register for the Off-Site Test, you MUST call us at:




Telephone Registration is the ONLY way to register for the Off-Site Test