You can register at ANY age, BUT you MUST be at least Sixteen (16) Years-old to participate in a Driver Education Program.  Again---You cannot begin your Driver Education Station Program until you are Sixteen Years-Old!


To drive Behind-the-Wheel, you MUST have a Learner's Permit.  Since August 1, 2008, the ONLY place to obtain a Learner's Permit is the DMV.


The State-Mandated Minimum Requirement for a 16- or- 17-Year-Old is to have 40-Hours of documented Behind-the-Wheel training with either a Driving School, a Qualified Home Instructor (see the CT DMV website for specifics), or a combination of Driving School Training and the Qualified Home Instructor, AND you MUST attend at-minimum, the 8-Hour Safe-Driving Practices Course.


By taking our 8-Hour Safe-Driving Practices (Drug & Alcohol) Class, you will be required to hold your Learner's Permit for a full 180-Days, therefore being able to take your Behind-the-Wheel Driving Test on Day 181.


All instruction in any of our offerings is performed by State of Connecticut DMV-Certified Instructors.



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