Covid-19 Protocols

Prior to a Student Driver entering ANY Driver Education Station Vehicle, the following Protocols are adhered to and administered by our Driver Education Behind-the-Wheel Instructors:


Prior to, and in-between each Student Driver's driving appointment, we wipe-down all interior surfaces with disinfecting wipes which have been shown to kill the virus including, but not limited to: Outside Driver's Door Handle, Steering Wheel and Adjustment Handle, Transmission Shift, Parking/Emergency Brake, Inside Driver's Door and all Controls contained thereon, Windshield Wiper Control, Direction Light Control, Inside/Rear-View Mirror, Hazard Lights Control, Headlights/Interior Lights Control, Radio/Climate Controls, Console Armrest, Seatbelt, Driver's Seat and Seat Adjustment Control.  Througout the entire Behind-the-Wheel Appointment, both Student and Instructor MUST wear a Mask (a cloth face-covering is NOT acceptable).