Our Driving School

"All-Aboard" at Driver Education Station


As a 34-Year High School Teacher along with being a DMV Master Instructor, I see on a daily basis the excitement that surrounds someone getting their license.  To ensure that students are taught the responsibilities that accompany the privilege of obtaining their driver's license, I created the Driver Education Station.


The mission of the Driver Education Station is to provide driver education classroom and behind-the-wheel lessons to teenagers and adults through the teaching of State-Certified Instructors who recognize that the needs of individuals greatly-vary, and that each Student Driver is treated with patience and respect according to their specific needs.


Our Instructors understand the nervousness and apprehension associated with a student's new driving experience and thereby provide to that student a behind-the-wheel program designed specifically for that student's level of driving comfort and ability.


We are NOT a Driver Education 'Factory' that is concerned about the quantity of students going through their program, but a Driver Education 'Station' that concerns itself with the quality of its instruction, by keeping the needs of each specific driver at the forefront of its Program.


Thank you for choosing Driver Education Station!







Our state-Certified Classroom Instructors provide the correct blend of Lecture, Keynote/Power Point, Class Discussion, Small-Group work, along with a Chapter-specific video that augments the classroom instruction.


As we approach our fifteenth year in business---getting our start at the Shelton Community Center in Huntington and have since expanded to many additional locations, we are now focused on providing the State-Mandated Eight-Hour Safe-Driving Practices (Drug & Alcohol) class.  This class is the minimum-requirement for classroom instruction to obtain your Connecticut Driver's License!


We also hold the distinction of being selected by the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles as a PROVIDER of the Operator Retraining Course---a four-hour class designed to retrain those who have accumulated more than the allowable amount of Traffic Tickets issued for Moving Violations.  There is a HUGE difference between offering that class and being a 'Provider.'  The Provider is the business that oversees the administration of the material taught in that class---don't let other Driving Schools fool you!


We drive American-made Ford automobiles in our business.  We have found that these automobiles are not only small-enough to provide the confidence needed to new drivers, but are also large-enough to replicate a real driving experience along with providing safety to its passengers.


Thank you again, for choosing Driver Education Station!