IMPORTANT: Effective Immediately---You can PAY at the class with a Money Order or Cash!!! You can still enroll On-Line and Pay using your Credit Card!! If you choose to PAY at the class---You MUST register by PHONE (800-381-8729 Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM to secure your spot in class!



The State-Mandated Minimum Requirement for someone who is 18-Years-Old or older is to attend the 8-Hour Safe-Driving Practices Course, and to hold the NEW 18-and-older Learner's Permit for a minimum of ninety days.  Upon meeting those two criteria, and passing the Computerized Knowledge Test given at the DMV, you can take your Behind-the-Wheel driving test at the DMV.


We do offer a package that can be of service to you upon your completion of the State-Mandated 8-Hour Safe-Driving Practices Course.  Click-onto the tab for "TEST AT DMV" to learn about how you can obtain two driving hours and the use of our car in which you can take your Behind-the-Wheel test at the DMV in either Danbury or Bridgeport.


Select the tab for "TEEN/ADULT CLASSES" to register for Driver Ed. Classes.