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Getting Your License as Early as Possible!


Did you know that if your car has a light on the dashboard, you cannot use your car for a test at the DMV?  You also can't use your car on a Driving Test at the DMV if  the Inspector deems that your tires don't have enough tread on them!  You will then have to reschedule your Driving Test and WAIT EVEN LONGER to obtain your Driver's License!  Wait---don't panic---we have a solution---The Off-Site Test!  ALL ages can take the Driving Test (Road Test) with us at Driver Education Station at one of our Driving School locations!


To take the Off-Site Test, there are several requirements...


1.)  If you have a 16/17 Year-Old Learner's Permit, you will have to be in possession of your Learner's Permit for a minimum of 120 days for Full Program students (30-Hours of Classroom and 8-Hours of Behind-the-Wheel), with 'Day 1' being the first day you held your Learner's Permit; a minimum of 180 days for 8-Hour D/A students and everyone else receiving less instruction than what the Full Program offers.


2.)  If you have an Adult Learner's Permit, you will have to be in possession of your Learner's Permit for a minimum of 90 days, with 'Day 1' being the first day you held your Learner's Permit.


3.)  You MUST have completed a MINIMUM of two-hours of Behind-the-Wheel instruction with Driver Education Station. 


4.)  You MUST have a PHOTO Learner's Permit---and have it with you at when you arrive for your Off-Site Test! 


The Off-Site Test fee is $150.


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